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I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist, offering therapy services at affordable prices to children and families in the central Wisconsin area. I provide occupational therapy evaluation, intervention and/or consultation to improve developmental skills for successful participation in home, school and community environments. I believe that children excel in therapy when it feels more like play than work, and strive to help children meet developmental milestones in a variety of settings that facilitate learning and growth. I will work closely with physicians, health agencies and community resources so that the child's needs are being met in the most complete and comprehensive manner as possible.



I have worked as a pediatric occupational therapist for 18+ years in a variety of settings, including home, clinic, and school based therapy settings.   My experience, in combination with training in many therapeutic interventions, allows me to provide individualized and functional treatment to children of all ages. I enjoy working with children and their families to facilitate successful participation in natural play, learning, movement and social experiences.


Areas Of Service

Meeting the Needs of Child and Family

Sleeping Like a Baby
Art Fun

Areas of concern

  • Fine and/or gross motor skills

  • Self-help skills and daily routines

  • Social-emotional skills

  • Bilateral motor coordination

  • Visual-spatial skills

  • Sensory processing skills/Self-regulation

  • Atypical behaviors

  • Feeding skills

  • Sleep routines

  • Physical limitation/need for adaptive equipment or strategies for independence


Free telephone consultation is offered to discuss need for evaluation and how to proceed. Evaluation can occur virtually or in person and will include standardized assessment, interview of child/parent(s), and observation of functional skills. Evaluation usually takes 60 to 90 minutes.


Intervention may be provided as consultation or direct treatment at a frequency and duration that meets the needs of child and family. Therapy can be provided in homes, community environments when appropriate, or virtually.